Rick Timchack

Asst.Fire Chief

"Past Chief"

Fire Department Member Since 1976

Fire Chief 1990-2000

Asst.Fire Chief 1984-1990 2000-2012


Pennsylvania State Fire Fighter I #2631

IAFF Haz-Mat 1st Responder Operations 12/91

Fire Arson Investigator 4/93

Intro to Fire Safety and Training System 8/93

Bucks County Tanker Water Supply 6/93

Bucks County Structural Burn Session

Bucks County Essentials Basic Module 6/95

Bucks County Intro Safety Training 1/96

Bucks County Electrical Emergency 2/98

PG Energy Emergency Control of Natural Gas 5/98

Bucks County Structural Collapse Level I 6/98

Bucks County Emergency Responce to Terrorisim 12/98

Bucks County 1st Responder Awareness 2/99

Bucks CountyStructural Burn Session 6/99

Intro Safety Training System 2/03

Bucks County 1st Responder Awareness 3/03

EMA Indentification of Haz Materials 6/89

PA EMA Haz Mat Incident Analysis 6/89

Fundementals of Firefighting 11/78

Arson Cause and Fire Detection 2/82

Structural Firefighting I 4/89

Pumps 1 and 2