Marc Malvizzi Jr

    Interior Firefighter

Engine Captain / EMT

    Member Since 6/25/15


Emergency Medical Technician

Proboard Firefighter 1
Proboard Fire Inspector 1
Proboard Fire Inspector 2
ICC Certified Fire Inspector 1
Proboard Haz-Mat Operations

PA DOH Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician

Training at PA State Fire Academy
Engine Company Operations at Residential Fires (Structure 1)
Fire Operations at Large Structures (Structure 2)
Structural Firefighting Tactical Operations (Structure 3)
Truck Academy 1
Officers Command

Bucks County Basic Fire Academy (112 hours)
Essentials of Firefighting Mods 1-3 (Luzerne CCC)
Structure Burn Session x2
Rope/High Angle Rescue 1&2
Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue
Fire Dynamics Fundamentals & Strategy and Tactics x3
Engine Company Operations
Truck Company Operations 1
Aerial Apparatus Operations
Firefighter Survival
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
Elevator Rescue Awareness
Wildland Firefighting S-130 & S-190
Incident Safety Officer
Wilderness Search and Rescue
Pump Ops 1
Structural Collapse Ops 1

High Rise Packs and Standpipes

Traffic Incident Management

Propane Emergency Awareness

RIT Awareness

Water Rescue Awareness

Carbon Monoxide Detector Responses

NIMS ICS 100, 200, 700, 800

Vehicle Extrication Strategy and Tactics

Dynamics of Emergency Vehicles

CPR/AED training