Marc Malvizzi EMT FF2

Assistant Fire Chief

Certification Evaluator - Pa Fire Commissioners Office

Past Fire Chief January 2000 -November 2018


Assistant Chief January 1990 to December 1999

Past Captain, Lieutenant, President, Treasurer


  Laflin Borough Emergency Management Coordinator 1985 - 2018

Former Laflin Borough Mayor

Current Laflin Borough Council President


Fire Department member since 1980






Pro Board Fire Instructor I

Educational Methodologies           Pa Fire Academy Lewistown 


Pro Board Firefighter I       FSC-0484-001 Cert #BC-31207 Bucks CC

Pro Board Firefighter II      FSC-0480-502 Cert #BC-31756  Bucks CC


Pro Board Haz Mat Operations   FSC-0103-008 Bucks CC

       Product Control                              Cert # BC-30860

       Personal Protective Equipment         Cert # BC-30852

       Haz Materials Core                          Cert # BC-30844


Pro Board Haz Mat Awareness  FSC-0917 Cert # BC-29464 7/2012 Bucks CC


Pro Board Haz Mat Awareness Pa NPQS Cert # 5224  NFSAC Cert # 1452811 3/2011 LCCC


Emergency Medical Technician EMT Cert # 083226 Cert thru July 2026


Emergency Vehicle Operator EVOC FSC-0235-030 5/2012

2024 Training

Haz Mat Refresher Feb 24

STate Evaluator training 2/24

2023 Training

Recert EMT - new expire 6/30/26

Haz Mat Ops Refresher 2/23/2023

State Evaluator Training 4/3/2023

2022 Training

Haz Mat Ops Refresher 

State Evaluator Training

2021 Training

Haz Mat Refresher 6/13/21

State Evaluator Training

2020 Training

Recert EMT - new expire 6/30/23

2019 Training

Evaluator Workshop 3/2/2019

Haz Mat Refresher 12/21/2019

2018 Training

Evaluator Workshop 10/28/2018

Haz Materials Operations 24hrs  9/26/2018

2017 Training:

MAMA Weekend - 16 hours - Autism Awareness, Ballistic Injuries, Traumatic Injury Assessments

Recert EMT - new expire date 7/1/2020


2016 Training :

Electrical Emergencies 3 hours 

Fire Dynamics  8 hours LCCC

Educational Methodologies / Fire Instructor I Pro Board 40 hours Pa Fire Academy Lewistown

Incident Safety Officer 16 hours  National Fire Academy Emmittsburg MD


2015 Training:

Essentials Of Firefighting - Luzerne County Public Safety Training Institute 180 hours 11/15

Fireground Support

Interior Firefighter w/burn

Exterior Firefighter

Structural Burn

Nims 700

Haz Mat Refresher 

2014 Training:

Confined Space Rescue

Water Rescue Awareness

Refresher Haz Mat Operations

Recert EMT


2012 training


Essentials of Firefighting - Bucks County Fire Academy with Structure Burn 130 hours 6/2012

FSC-0913-006 FSC-0600-010 - Bucks CC

Pro Board Haz Mat Awareness - Bucks CC 

Pro Board Haz Mat Operations - Bucks CC 


2011 Training


Essentials Of Firefighting - Luzerne County Public Safety Training Institute 180 hours 6/2011

Fireground Support

Interior Firefighter w/burn

Exterior Firefighter

Structural Burn

Pro Board Haz Mat Awareness - LCCC


Ropes and Rigging


NIMS National Incident Management System

ICS 100 Introduction to Incident Command

ICS 200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incident

ICS 230 Fundamentals of Emergency Management

IS240 Leadership

Pre 2011 training: 


Rail Emergency Management


Pump Operations I

Pump Operations II


Building Construction and Related Tactics


Arson Fire Cause and Detection


Fundamentals of Firefighting 48 Hours 5/84


Fundamentals Of Firefighting 48 hours 5/85


Advanced Firefighting 88 hours 5/88


Truck Company Operations 2/86


Structural Firefighting 4/89


Fire Officers 5/90


Vehcle Rescue 16 hours 5/93


Tanker Water Supply 16 hours 6/93


Essentials Of Firefighting 88 hours 6/95


Emergency Response to Terrorism 16 hours 9/99


Incident Command 16 hours 3/01


Infection Control For EMS supervisors 3/03


Structural Burn Lehigh Cty 7/2003


AFFF Hot Drill WB Scr Airport 9/2004


Pediatric Education for Pre Hospital Professionals 3/2004


Ballistic Injuries Management 3/2004


EMS Response, Pre Hospital Care and Patient Management 3/06


EMS Stress 3/06